Monday, July 16, 2012

Type 1
Here are quotes from Pulitzer Prize winning :
“Civilian workers who suffered devastating injuries while supporting the U.S. war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan have come home to a grinding battle for basic medical care, artificial limbs, psychological counseling and other services.”
"The Labor Department seldom took action to enforce the law. Labor officials can recommend cases for prosecution to the Justice Department–but have only done so once in the past two decades, according to Labor officials

Type 2

51 Judges have written about MetLife ignoring life threatening medical conditions to deny health related claims. These claims are governed by the U.S. Title 29 laws known as ERISA.

The DOL Statement of Purpose seen on their website says :
 “Under ERISA, the Secretary of Labor is responsible for protecting the rights and financial security of more that 150 million employee benefit plan participants and beneficiaries and for assuring the integrity and effective management of the private pension and welfare benefit system.”
The Secretary of Labor refuses to stop MetLife’s deadly pattern of ignoring medical conditions !! Many patients can die or their family can be destroyed during the years they wait for their case to be resolved by the Courts !!

You can see the full evidence regarding MetLife ignoring medical conditions at :

Type 3
Long Term Care policies are also governed by the ERISA laws. Three Court of Appeals Judges have written that MetLife fabricated pre-existing conditions to deny Long Term Care to a very sick patient !!

The Secretary of Labor refuses to stop this deadly pattern. Patients can die or their family can be destroyed during the years they wait for their case to be resolved by the Courts !!

The full evidence regarding this MetLife crime is also seen at :

Type 4 
Life insurance is also part of the ERISA laws the Secretary of Labor is required to enforce !!
MetLife fabricated suicide and made one widow cry for days as seen in the news article at the following website I set up. Please view this later because there is extensive evidence regarding other insurance companies too :
Type 5
The DOJ and DOL should investigate the suicides reported by WFAA and all the evidence I have of injured workers having their lives destroyed. This has occurred while special workers comp fraud units in Tennessee and Texas never prosecuted one insurance company !!!!!
State and Federal Departments of Labor and Fraud Units are protecting deadly insurance company crimes !!
I can also provide evidence that similar crimes are occurring in HMO claims. I have not had time to compose that evidence.

To see all patterns of manslaughter that Obama is protecting please view the Crash Brief of evidence that is posted at :
Urgent Contact List
The complete evidence seen at the website above is being reviewed by an assistant of Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn in Washington. I pray and hope everyone you know will call and leave a message for Margaret Tipton at 202-225-2811 and request an immediate investigation and prosecution regarding the evidence I submitted.
You can also email the following list and request an investigation :;;;;;

If a criminal investigation occurs they will easily access to much more evidence than I have !!

I found all this evidence after having cancer burned from one eye and orbital surgery on the other eye. Less than one percent of cases are posted on the internet !! I continue to have bloody falls and accidents including almost knocking myself out multiple times by walking into sharp edged door frames and cabinets etc. These problems are often increased by reading and typing.

Barry Schmittou